To visit Hesteyri with its unparalleled nature and untouched beauty is like taking a trip through the century. Long sandy beaches invite you to take long walks or to take one of the many daily tours for hikers, which encompass Hesteyri 360 degrees. Polarfox mothers regularly visit the area with their fox babies and let themselves be pampered from the guests. Hesteyri offers wonderful views for photographers and people who love the untouched nature and can appreciate the comfort of warm and comfortable accommodations. The ruins of the old Walfang station is just a 30-minute walk away and invite you to explore at your own pleasure.

Hesteyri is only reachable by boat from Isafjördur and Bolungarvik for 10 weeks during the summer between the middle of June and the end of August.

The village is a unique former fishing-village with its golden age about 100 years ago. In 1952 the last of its inhabitants moved away. The landscape is shaped by steep cliffs, desolate, moss-overgrown valleys and rocky high plains. Large colonies of seabirds breed here and polar foxes hunt undisturbed.

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